In our opinion, the end of summer and beginning fall is the perfect time for bonfires. What goes hand in hand with bonfires? S’mores of course. The delicious treat also happens to be the inspiration behind this brand new Kizik Roamer collab with JET-PUFFED. Now up for grabs, get an official look at the JET-PUFFED x Kizik S’mores Shoe.

Previewed below, the JET-PUFFED x Kizik S’mores Shoe is basically like wearing marshmallows for your feet, in more ways than one. Aside from rocking a quilted Jet-Puffed-inspired upper, the shoes feature a big, bubbly, rounded Flex Foam outsole and Super Squish insole that molds to your foot for maximum comfort. See, marshmallows for your feet. The JET-PUFFED x Kizik S’mores Shoe features Kizik’s softest, most flexible hand-free technology yet as it allows you to simply step in and out— which comes in clutch when your fingers are covered in gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate.

The limited edition JET-PUFFED x Kizik S’mores Shoe retails for $119 and is available in women’s sizes 6-14.5 and men’s 4.5-13, exclusively on