Blueface Chrisean RockThe Chrisean Rock and Blueface drama continues.

With the recent turn of events, which include Blueface getting mad that Chrisean and his other baby mama Jaidyn Alexis were hanging out together, things get even more heated.

Of course, both parties love to go on Instagram Live to spill the tea. Just yesterday, Chrisean went live to address Blueface’s recent claims that he is not the father. She even called him out for not being fit to raise her child.

And then… she goes on to attack his sexuality.

“Let’s talk about what I saw in your search history,” Chrisean states. “I was going to keep it to myself but I really had to get you off my neck because … I don’t know if you taking dick in the butt, like I don’t even know why you watching gay porn.”

This comes after Chrisean went to get her neck tattoo of Blueface covered up.

“I’m glad you don’t wanna be my baby daddy,” she continues. “I don’t want no Frooty Loop raising my kid. I just apologize because, I don’t know, I’m attached to a weirdo that say weirdo shit online.”

Prior to the IG Live, Chrisean first took to Twitter to send Blueface a message: “Let’s talk about how I saw Gay porn in your recent search history that’s why I honestly got the cover up bro I had zesty n-gga on my neck nothing wrong with being bisexual just let a bitch no before she fall inlove weirdo.”


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