Screen Shot 2023 12 13 at 10.49.56 AMLast week R&B singer Monica confirmed that she was in a new relationship after she was spotted with her new man at Nelly’s Black & White Ball. Fans began to ask Monica about rapper C-Murder.and she admitted they were no longer a couple after he broke her heart.

Now Cory responds to the claims in a post shared on Instagram Cory questions why a person would publicly bash someone fighting for their life and says if you want to talk about something it should be prison reform:

I don’t know why someone feels the need to publicly bash a person that’s fighting for their life??

I am a black male fighting and hoping for freedom one day. Wanna speak on something??  Let’s talk about freeing us Louisiana inmates still held illegally and unconstitutionally by a racist Jim Crow law through a non-retroactive 10/2 non unanimous jury.  Facts.

I am asking all celebrities against RACISM to visit this website: and retweet to help relieve modern day slavery and to sign our petition for freedom. Thanks.

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