Boosie Badazz Threatens His Cousin After He Stole $7,000 Out His Bedroom

Boosie Badazz offers quite the hot take on the Diddy and Cassie situation. Hitting his residency at Vlad TV, Boosie stated that their encounter left the singer “traumatized” or in love.

“Either she was traumatized and she was sick and hurt, or she loved every minute of it,” Boosie said. “It’s either or because if you said he done what all he allegedly did, then you traumatized in one way. But it also can be a way, I had a woman tell me, ‘I want you to come look for me and grab me out the club.’ I’m saying that to say she could’ve loved every minute of it.”

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It’s more likely traumatized than the other. Adding to Cassie’s story is Roger Bonds, the former head of security for Diddy, who is speaking out following Cassie’s lawsuit and settlement with the Bad Boy mogul.

Hitting Instagram, Bonds shared a message on his Instagram Story.

“This is not meant to be threats or snitching or anything like that against Cassie or Diddy or anyone else,” Bonds wrote. “This is me telling my truth as I truly remember it for 2 reasons only, 1st because I have 4 daughters so on all dudes my truth as I seen it, saw it and was involved with for yrs.”

In a now-deleted post that had pictures with Cassie, Bonds wrote, “IM WILLING TO TELL MY TRUTH BECAUSE FOR SO MANY YRS I WAS QUIET , Nothing matters now but FAMILY.”

The post Boosie Floats the Idea Cassie ‘Loved Every Minute’ of Relationship with Diddy first appeared on The Source.

The post Boosie Floats the Idea Cassie ‘Loved Every Minute’ of Relationship with Diddy appeared first on The Source.


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