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On this date in 2000, West Coast rap giant Snoop Dogg released his fifth full-length studio album entitled The Last Meal, which was released on Master P’s Dirty South, independent powerhouse, No Limit Records, as well as the first album on Snoop’s Doggystyle Records. This album was released during the “dog days” of Death Row, with Snoop and Dre parting ways with their former boss and label owner Suge Knight. The album was leaked on the internet on December 1, 2000, by Suge Knight who made all tracks downloadable in MP3 from the official site of his and Snoop Dogg’s former company Death Row Records, which featured links to tracks from both Tha Last Meal and Dead Man Walkin’ albums, asking visitors to “take The Snoop Dogg Challenge” and decide “song for song” which is the better album.

There was some heavy production on the album, with tracks primarily from Dr. Dre and Master P, adding Timbaland and Soopafly to the unique flavor of this project as well. The most recognizable track from the album was “Lay Low” a melodic track featuring Butch Cassidy, The Outsidaz with Nate Dogg singing the hook and Dr. Dre behind the boards, capturing that original G-funk sound of the 213.

Salute to Snoop, Master P, Dre and the entire No Limit/Death Row teams who helps mold this timeless classic!

The post Today In Hip Hop History: Snoop Dogg Dropped ‘The Last Meal’ LP 23 Years Ago first appeared on The Source.

The post Today In Hip Hop History: Snoop Dogg Dropped ‘The Last Meal’ LP 23 Years Ago appeared first on The Source.


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