Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna ‘YaYa’ Mayweather, finds herself entangled in a legal battle stemming from a 2020 incident where she was arrested for allegedly stabbing Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, the mother of rapper NBA Youngboy’s child. As the lawsuit unfolds, YaYa is defending herself by redirecting blame towards NBA Youngboy’s 24-hour security team, claiming they failed to intervene during the altercation.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, YaYa and her legal team are disputing the case brought forth by Lapattra, who seeks damages for the alleged assault that took place at NBA Youngboy’s Texas residence.

The incident dates back to 2020 when YaYa arrived at NBA Youngboy’s home to find him socializing with Lapattra. The encounter escalated into a physical altercation between the two women, during which YaYa reportedly brandished knives. Consequently, YaYa was arrested and later sentenced to six years’ probation.

In response to the civil lawsuit filed by Lapattra, YaYa has now turned the spotlight on NBA Youngboy and the alleged dynamics of their relationships. In her recent filing, YaYa claims that NBA Youngboy was involved with both her and Lapattra simultaneously, a fact she was unaware of at the time.

On April 3rd, 2020, YaYa asserts that both women were inside NBA Youngboy’s residence, completely oblivious to each other’s presence due to the rapper’s alleged efforts to keep them in separate parts of the house. YaYa contends that NBA Youngboy maintained multiple security teams on-site, each tasked with providing 24-hour security.

In a bold move, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter demands that the security guards be added as third-party defendants in the lawsuit. She alleges that despite the security teams being aware of the simultaneous presence of both women, they took no action to alert or separate them, nor did they intervene during the altercation.

YaYa’s legal strategy aims to shift responsibility from her actions to the security personnel present at NBA Youngboy’s residence during the incident. The lawsuit continues to unravel, bringing to light the complexities of personal relationships and the legal consequences that follow when they turn tumultuous.

The post YaYa Mayweather Blames NBA Youngboy’s Security Team for Stabbing Incident first appeared on The Source.

The post YaYa Mayweather Blames NBA Youngboy’s Security Team for Stabbing Incident appeared first on The Source.


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