Ja Morant Drops 34, Hits Game Winner in NBA Season Debut

NBA fans are witnessing the impact of Ja Morant’s sensational return to the court as ticket prices for his first home game skyrocket.

Before Morant’s season debut, Grizzlies tickets were among the least sought-after in the league, often starting at just $5. However, following his remarkable performance and game-winning shot on Tuesday, ticket prices for tonight’s game against the Pelicans have surged by a staggering 340%, according to TickPick.

Earlier this week, tickets were priced at a modest $10, but after Morant’s comeback, they have reached $44. The sudden spike reflects the excitement and demand generated by Morant’s return, underscoring his influence on the team’s appeal and fan interest.

After a 25-game suspension, Ja Morant returned to the court, showcasing his electrifying skills as he led the Memphis Grizzlies to a remarkable comeback against the New Orleans Pelicans. Morant’s outstanding performance included 3a4 points, six rebounds, and eight assists, with the game-winning shot at the buzzer. The Grizzlies, down by 24 points, orchestrated an impressive turnaround, outscoring the Pelicans 79-53 in the final 24:40 of the game.

 “Call 12… That’s the play I wanted to run right there,” Morant said. “They believe in me. I actually wanted to go to Trip (JJJ) in the post. They told me ‘no.’ So I had to deliver for them.”

The night’s highlight came as Morant faced against the Pelicans’ formidable defender, Herb Jones. With the clock ticking down, Morant executed a dazzling spin move and a perfectly timed shot that found the basket, sealing the comeback victory for Memphis. The arena erupted in celebration as Morant’s stellar display affirmed his status as one of the league’s most dynamic and impactful players.

The post Ja Morant’s Spectacular Return Sparks Surge in Memphis Grizzlies Ticket Prices first appeared on The Source.

The post Ja Morant’s Spectacular Return Sparks Surge in Memphis Grizzlies Ticket Prices appeared first on The Source.


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