The Gap Sues Kanye West Following Failed Partnership

Kanye West has once again set his sights on a groundbreaking project—this time, in the form of an entire self-sustaining city in the Middle East, aptly named DROAM. While West is known for his boundary-pushing ventures, this latest endeavor raises eyebrows and as usual— skepticism.

The rapper, who has teased fans with unreleased albums and announcements, revealed his plans for DROAM on X. The city, currently in Phase 1 development, is projected to span a colossal 100,000 acres, an area twice the size of New York City. West is actively seeking collaborators, extending an invitation to project managers, engineers, architects, contractors, and builders to join him in this audacious venture.

However, amidst the grandeur of this visionary city, reports have surfaced about West’s Los Angeles church, a property acquired earlier this year for $1.5 million. Disturbing images reveal boarded-up windows and accumulating trash, presenting a stark contrast to the global aspirations of the rapper.

Adding another layer to the narrative, West recently listed his Malibu home for sale after abandoning renovation plans due to financial difficulties. The house currently lacks windows and electricity, symbolizing a shift from opulence to neglect.

The plans of West’s futuristic city plans with the reported state of his existing properties creates a narrative of ambition and uncertainty. As fans eagerly await updates on DROAM and the speculated New Year’s Eve album drop, West’s ability to turn his visionary ideas into reality remains a subject of fascination and skepticism.


The post Kanye West Reveals New Vision: A Sustainable City in the Middle East Called DROAM first appeared on The Source.

The post Kanye West Reveals New Vision: A Sustainable City in the Middle East Called DROAM appeared first on The Source.


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