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The legendary Grammy Award-winning artist Raphael Saadiq is spreading holiday joy with the release of his enchanting new single, “Miracle,” featuring the soulful vocals of UK artist Kelli-Leigh. The festive track is an exclusive gift to listeners, available solely on Amazon Music, adding an extra layer of excitement to the holiday season.

“Miracle” takes center stage as an original song on the CANDY CANE LANE soundtrack, promising to be a musical journey through the whimsical world of holiday magic. Saadiq’s mastery as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer shines through in this delightful composition, showcasing his deep musicality and contemporary creative vision. In a candid and heartwarming interview, Raphael Saadiq, the Grammy Award-winning artist, opened up to Courtney Brown from The Source Magazine about his latest holiday single “Miracle,” his Christmas memories, and the timeless influence of his music across generations.

Courtney Brown: Hello, Raphael, how are you?

Raphael Saadiq: I’m good, so nice to meet you.

Courtney: I just finished listening to the song, and I’m ready to put up my Christmas tree now. It brought back so many memories, like it kind of took me to the eighties because that’s my childhood. It has such a good vibe. The melody made me feel good. What thoughts and memories did you come up with that gave you that vibe for that song?

Raphael: Well, first of all, I had the opportunity of looking at the film, right? Looking at the footage reminded me of my childhood, of people having contests in the neighborhood. My good friend Timothy Riley, one of the guys in my band, had just won first place in the Christmas contest in his neighborhood. It made me super cheerful, like what this song should feel like. It feels like that morning when you wake up and just being surprised or people preparing for it, you know, getting the tree, and it’s that whole preparation.

Courtney: What are some of your favorite memories from Christmas, especially your childhood?

Raphael: Christmas Eve is always my thing. My parents would go out and leave these 45 records on, playing Al Green Christmas songs and Temptations. I was one of the only two kids left in the house, so I had to make all these fun things by myself. I got a chance to play with a bass guitar and amplifiers, things that worked on their own. It was always finding those really cool gifts.

Courtney: Speaking of gifts, any memorable or unusual Christmas gifts you received?

Raphael: My sister wasn’t a good gifter. She once bought me a shoe horn or something. I was like, “Ooh, she’s a terrible gifter.” It’s hard to buy for guys, and, you know, just to help your sister out there, it’s kind of difficult. Now, my sister is still not a good gifter today. I’ve been getting her back for the longest time.

Courtney: It’s amazing to see you sitting here, and you look the same; you have not aged. What’s your secret?

Raphael: It’s my therapy to be up early in the morning, running and training before rehearsals. You got to have the wind span to do a two and a half hour show. It feels really good to be outside early in the morning.

Courtney: Shifting gears, your music has spanned generations. Who would you collaborate with from the younger generation that’s a newer artist right now?

Raphael: I don’t really work like that. I meet people at a store or 7-Eleven, and they go, “Hey man, just wanna work together?” I’m like, “Cool, come by the studio.” It just happens organically.

Courtney: Your music has been part of people’s life milestones. How does it feel to hear that?

Raphael: It feels great. I hear all that I’ve made. I’m sure I have a couple of kids because of you. We named our daughter Deja from your song. I hear a lot of anniversaries, our song.

Courtney: Your influence extends to hip hop. Who would be in your top five hip hop artists of all time?

Raphael: Nas is probably my number one MC. Kendrick is probably my number one, honestly. Busta, Rakim, and Q-Tip are also among my favorites.

Courtney: You’re touring, which surprises me considering all you’re doing in the studio. What’s your health regimen on tour?

Raphael: Before I leave on tour, I work out with Willie Gault, a world-class runner. I run, do yoga, and Pilates. It’s my therapy, and it feels good to be outside early in the morning.

Courtney: Any advice for talented people losing inspiration?

Raphael: Go where the love is, and remember why you did it. If you didn’t do it because you love it, you’re probably not gonna stay inspired. You just gotta love what you do.

Watch the full interview below.

The post [WATCH] Raphael Saadiq Unwraps Musical ‘Miracle’ for the Holidays first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Raphael Saadiq Unwraps Musical ‘Miracle’ for the Holidays appeared first on The Source.


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