Brooklyn crime rhyme king Uncle Murda has been offering up his year-end “Rap Up” for a decade, and now, the G-Unit soldier decided to ride with his boss 50 Cent and his verbal assault on Diddy and included his less-than-popular antics in the 2023 Rap Up.

The Hip Hop community and beyond have been shocked at the continuous revelations being exposed in Diddy’s ongoing sexual assault allegations, which have increased over the past few months. Even after the settlement with former girlfriend Cassie, the allegations continued to pour in from other women. Because of the number of issues in and outside of Hip Hop that made Murda’s Wrap Up, he decided to create a first time ever “Part 2” to the Rap-Up, created exclusively for the Bad Boy honcho himself.

The East New Yorker jumps into the Diddy vs. Cassie case, saying, “He was controlling her, had her on some scared s***/Paying other n***as to f*** her while he watch that’s some weird s***/I’m like, did he do it? Did he drug her? Did he r**e her?/If you ain’t do the s***, Diddy why did you pay her? He went on, “You was an icon, n***a, you ruined it/Diddy documentary coming out, 50 Cent shooting it/I think it’s called did he not, or did he do the s***.”

The post Uncle Murda Goes In On Diddy For Part 2 Of His 2023 “Rap Up” first appeared on The Source.

The post Uncle Murda Goes In On Diddy For Part 2 Of His 2023 “Rap Up” appeared first on The Source.


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