Recording Academy Announces Eligibility Period for 67th Annual GRAMMY Awards

As the music industry gears up for the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards on February 4, 2024, the Recording Academy has already set the stage for the 67th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2025. The eligibility period for the 67th GRAMMY Awards spans from Saturday, September 16, 2023, through Friday, August 30, 2024.

This timeline has been strategically designed to allow ample time to thoroughly process all entries, ensuring the integrity of the awards process. Additionally, it enhances the Online Entry Process (OEP) by synchronizing the conclusion of the eligibility period with the end of the OEP period. The Recording Academy’s meticulous planning sets the foundation for another spectacular musical excellence celebration in the coming year.

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Last month, Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, passionately emphasizes the pivotal role of voting in the upcoming GRAMMY season in a heartfelt message to Recording Academy Voting Members. Acknowledging the extraordinary influence held by the world’s leading community of music professionals, Mason underscores their power to shape the future of music and impact global culture.

As a witness to the profound contributions of Recording Academy members, Mason encourages active participation during this critical time. Their votes, he believes, have the potential to initiate fundamental shifts in the music industry and beyond. Mason’s message serves as a rallying call for members to recognize and harness their collective influence, reinforcing the importance of each vote in shaping the destiny of the GRAMMY Awards and the trajectory of the music landscape.

You can read his open letter below:

Dear Recording Academy Members,  

Thanks to our Recording Academy Voting Members for voting in October, and congratulations to them on producing an excellent, diverse slate of nominees for the 66th GRAMMY Awards! On Nominations Day, we saw countless heartwarming reactions and a whole new set of first-time nominees stamped “GRAMMY-nominated” in front of their titles. In all, over 900 music creators were able to announce their work was deemed excellent by their fellow music creators, true experts in their crafts. 

Now, it’s time to select the winners, and the responsibility rests solely on the votes of Voting Members and their peers. Thousands of GRAMMY voters will be exercising the power that only they have to participate in the final round of voting for the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which is open now through Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024, at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET. 

Our incredible nominees are relying on Recording Academy Voting Members — their talented and admired peers — to listen to and evaluate their work for a chance to not only become “GRAMMY-nominated,” but “GRAMMY-winning.”  

The outcome of their votes can have a lasting impact on music and what our peers and music fans listen to for years to come. The winners that GRAMMY voters select will have the power to shape the future of music. 

So again, I ask our Recording Academy Voting Members to please listen carefully and evaluate each recording with integrity as they select who they feel is the best in music this year. To all GRAMMY voters, join your peers and utilize your power to make a difference.  

Thank you and see you at Music’s Biggest Night on Sunday, Feb. 4! 

Harvey Mason Jr. 
CEO, Recording Academy 

The post Recording Academy Announces Eligibility Period for 67th Annual GRAMMY Awards first appeared on The Source.

The post Recording Academy Announces Eligibility Period for 67th Annual GRAMMY Awards appeared first on The Source.


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