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Ice Cube has weighed in on the now infamous Katt Williams interview on Club Shay Shay. In his nine-minute response video, Cube expressed his gratitude for each comedian he worked with, while also offering clarity to Williams’ statements.

Cube revealed that Rickey Smiley auditioned for the role of Money Mike, stating everyone chosen for the film auditioned across all the roles. He added Williams ended up being perfect for the role, adding that the character was written already but Williams did enhance it.

“The role was written but he enhanced it,” Cube said. “This is why Katt was so dope in the movie.”

You can see Cube’s full statement below.

Rickey Smiley responded to Katt Williams after the latter aired out their Friday After Next working relationship on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay show.

In case you missed it, Williams shut down Smiley detailing that he was originally supposed to be Money Mike, and then went into further issues with Smiley.

In the film, Williams played Money Mike, who had an encounter with recently released criminal Damon, played by Terry Crews. Williams states his beef with Smiley, who was the robbing Santa Claus in the film, came after he stood up for his character not being raped for comedy.

“The Money Mike in the original script got raped in the bathroom,” Williams said. “That’s what Rickey Smiley was okay with. Katt Williams had to take the risk in front of the cast, studios, and powers that be in his very first movie and say, respectfully, humbly, guys, ‘If we are talking about anything else I don’t have any credibility and no pull. But we talking about comedy, where I have all the credibility and pull. The problem with Friday After Next is we are are trying to make a classic comedy. And this comedy involves a rape. Rap is never funny, no matter who it happens to or what the circumstances are.”

Appearing on his nationally syndicated morning radio show, Rickey Smiley told his listeners that he “had no reason to lie.”

“They added that whole pimp twist to that character, which was actually a better decision and made it funnier,” Smiley said. “There was no way in the hell I could have executed that role like that and I’m glad that they made that decision.”

He also said, “Personally, I liked the pimp role better but the Santa Claus role was just perfect for me.”

Rickey Smiley would go on to praise Williams and also encourage his listeners to attend his forthcoming shows.

You can hear it all from Smiley below.

The post WATCH: Ice Cube Shares Thoughts on Katt Williams Interview, Thanks All Comedians for Their Work first appeared on The Source.

The post WATCH: Ice Cube Shares Thoughts on Katt Williams Interview, Thanks All Comedians for Their Work appeared first on The Source.


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