B.G. Calls Lil Wayne a 'B*tch' on New Feature Verse

Hot Boys rapper BG has stirred up the hip-hop community by dissing his former Hot Boyz group member Lil Wayne. BG, who recently returned home after serving 11 years on gun charges, released a verse four months ago, taking a direct shot at Lil Wayne with the lines, “My n*gga Weezy touring but he a b*tch and it’s showing…”

Fans were left puzzled and disappointed by BG’s unexpected jab at Lil Wayne, considering the history and camaraderie between the two artists during their Hot Boys days. Now, BG has stepped forward to provide an explanation for his controversial move.

In a live-streamed video, BG addresses the Lil Wayne diss, stating, “Brothers fight sometimes.” The rapper appears to acknowledge that conflicts can arise even among close friends and collaborators, emphasizing the complexities of relationships in the music industry.

BG’s decision to air his grievances publicly has sparked discussions among fans, with many speculating on the underlying issues that might have led to the diss.

Watch below.

Watch BG explain why he dissed Wayne below.

The post Rapper BG Addresses Lil Wayne Diss: ‘Brothers Fight’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Rapper BG Addresses Lil Wayne Diss: ‘Brothers Fight’ appeared first on The Source.


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