Disney+ Announces ‘Ahsoka’ Season 2 Starring Rosario Dawson

So the verdict is in, and Ahsoka is returning to Disney+. As reported in Variety, the Rosario Dawson-fronted Star Wars spinoff series is in development for a sophomore season.

The news broke after Jon Favreau announced a new Star Wars film featuring fan-favorite characters, The Mandalorian and Grogu, coming to the silver screen for the first time. ICYMI, Dawson came into the Star Wars universe after fans made the idea of her playing Ahsoka go viral. The feeling between the studio and Dawson was mutual and led to Lucasfilm casting her in the titular role. That’s what you call speaking truth to power.

In 2020, Dawson told Vanity Fair, “Someone tweeted me and fancast me. I retweeted back and I was like, ‘Absolutely, yes please’ and #AhsokaLives.’ And apparently that got the attention of someone who has been doing the Star Wars press for years. She forwarded it to Dave Filoni. That kind of started a whole thing.”

Ahsoka’s first season was a hit and starred Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ivanna Sakhno, Diana Lee Inosanto, Ray Stevenson, David Tennent, Lars Mikkelsen, and Eman Esfandi. Surprisingly, Ahsoka gave us the return of Hayden Christensen’s role as Anakin Skywalker, who mentored Ahsoka. Ultimately, Skywalker became the dreaded Darth Vader.

If you want to catch up on the series, check out the first season of Ahsoka on Disney+.

The post Disney+ Announces ‘Ahsoka’ Season 2 Starring Rosario Dawson in Development first appeared on The Source.

The post Disney+ Announces ‘Ahsoka’ Season 2 Starring Rosario Dawson in Development appeared first on The Source.


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