Tensions are escalating in the custody battle between singer Teyana Taylor and former NBA player Iman Shumpert, with Taylor accusing Shumpert of neglecting the safety of their children. The divorce proceedings, already marked by legal disputes, have taken a new turn as Taylor alleges Shumpert’s parenting choices pose risks to their two kids.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Taylor doesn’t hold back in criticizing Shumpert’s parenting skills. She claims that Shumpert consistently fails to meet the basic needs of their children, even neglecting to provide them with proper meals while they are in his care.

One of the most serious allegations is Taylor’s assertion that Shumpert smokes marijuana around the children and is sometimes under the influence when taking care of them. The documents outline instances where Taylor believes Shumpert’s actions have jeopardized the safety of their kids.

One specific incident mentioned in the legal filing involves Shumpert reportedly putting the children in a rideshare in Chicago, having them dropped off at the United Center alone, while he opted for a private driver to take him to the arena.

Summing up her concerns, Taylor claims that Shumpert “consistently demonstrates a clear disregard for the safety of the minor children.” These allegations come in response to Shumpert’s denial of Taylor’s previous claim that he made her feel endangered during their time together.

As the divorce proceedings unfold, the public watches closely as this once-united couple faces off in a heated custody battle that sheds light on their differing views on parenting and child safety.

The post Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert of Endangering Children in Nasty Custody Battle first appeared on The Source.

The post Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert of Endangering Children in Nasty Custody Battle appeared first on The Source.


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