If you had the chance to see 50 Cent on his Final Lap Tour, then you know how epic the show was. Not only did 50 play his biggest hits from his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but he also brought his G-Unit family.

Insert Tony Yayo, who was right by 50’s side during the entire tour, which stopped in over 70 cities and over 20 countries. 50 was on the road for the latter half of last year, touring between July and December. 

Most recently, Tony Yayo sat down with Vlad TV to discuss exactly how great his experience touring with 50 was — especially regarding the finances. The “So Seductive” rapper revealed he made 6 figures… not too bad for a supporting act!

Tony Yayo speaks on 50’s greatness: “His merch is in the millions. He’s an icon. You can ask anyone — the people that ran the tour from Live Nation — they’ll tell you: ‘Your favorite rapper can’t do what 50 just did.’”

And while Tony didn’t have his merchandise to sell on the tour, he’s incredibly grateful for the profits he made by simply performing.

“I don’t ask for too much,” Tony states. “I’m making six figures, so why would I bother you for more? It’s cool. I’m not worried about that. Trust me, I’m making a great check. The money is great, the money is excellent.”

Tony also goes on to praise 50 for how well he took care of everyone.

“You gotta understand, lot of artists don’t get treated [well],” Tony continues. “People think that Fif is a bad guy, but when you’re staying in the Four Seasons, you got the Eiffel Tower there, you staying at the W in Bahrain sipping Ranis on the water. “There’s an F1 race track around the hotel. You just missed Giorgio Armani at breakfast. It’s a fucking movie! Working with 50 is a fucking movie, bro!”

The post Tony Yayo Reveals He Made Six Figures Touring With 50 Cent: ‘I Don’t Ask For Too Much’ first appeared on The Source.

The post Tony Yayo Reveals He Made Six Figures Touring With 50 Cent: ‘I Don’t Ask For Too Much’ appeared first on The Source.


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