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Comedian Kevin Hart’s legal saga has taken a serious turn as his ex-assistant, Miesha Shakes, has officially been served with legal papers related to the lawsuit filed against her and gossip vlogger Tasha K. The comedian is not holding back, employing a process server to ensure the delivery of the necessary documents.

The legal proceedings were set in motion just weeks after Hart initiated legal action against Shakes and YouTuber Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe. According to Radar Online, the documents obtained by the publication revealed that Miesha Shakes was served with the lawsuit at a Glendale, CA, apartment on January 9.

The proof of service of summons, filed in Los Angeles on January 10, solidified the confirmation that Shakes received all the legal documents pertaining to Hart’s lawsuit at 8:11 PM earlier in the week. With this official notification, the ball is now in Shakes’ court as she must decide on her next move and respond to the legal matter.

The lawsuit, as reported by Radar Online last month, stems from an online interview conducted by Tasha K and featuring Miesha Shakes. The interview, published on Tasha K’s Instagram and YouTube channel, “Unwine with Tasha K,” on December 22, delved into sensitive topics, including Shakes’ claims that Kevin Hart cheated on his wife, Eniko, at his office during her employment from August 2017 to October 2020.

Shakes not only made cheating accusations but also alleged that Hart had a gambling problem. The interview was captioned provocatively, stating, “The interview that Kevin Hart will WISH NEVER CAME OUT!!”

In response to the allegations, Kevin Hart’s lawsuit takes a strong stance. The legal documents claim that Tasha K threatened to release the interview unless Hart paid a ransom of $250,000. According to Hart, an individual affiliated with Tasha K reached out to his representative in November, forewarning them about the potential damage to Hart’s reputation.

Taking swift action, Kevin Hart contacted law enforcement and issued a cease and desist order to Tasha K. The lawsuit points to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that Shakes signed during her employment, with Hart arguing that the release of the interview would constitute intentional interference with contractual relations.

As the legal drama continues to unfold, the spotlight remains on Kevin Hart, Tasha K, and Miesha Shakes, with the public eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this high-profile legal battle.

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The post Kevin Hart’s Legal Battle Unfolds: Ex-Assistant Miesha Shakes Served with Lawsuit Papers first appeared on The Source.

The post Kevin Hart’s Legal Battle Unfolds: Ex-Assistant Miesha Shakes Served with Lawsuit Papers appeared first on The Source.


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