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Explosive audio recordings have been submitted to court as evidence in the murder case of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur, implicating hip hop mogul P Diddy in the assassination. The audio features Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis, a West Coast gangster and a suspect in Tupac’s murder, boasting about Diddy allegedly orchestrating the hit on the rap legend.

According to reports by The Sun, the chilling 2-hour and 25-minute secret police interview took place in 2008 with LAPD, where Keefe D claimed that Diddy offered him $1 million for Tupac’s assassination. The audio recording, now a key piece of evidence in the murder trial, has surfaced as Las Vegas prosecutors make their case against Keefe D.

In the disturbing tape, Keefe D, 60, can be heard laughing and joking with police about Diddy’s alleged involvement in Tupac’s killing in September 1996 in Las Vegas. The gangster claims that, without firm evidence, he oversaw the fatal shooting of Tupac at the request of Diddy during the mid-1990s.

Keefe alleges that Diddy wanted to eliminate the competition, specifically targeting rival record label boss Suge Knight and Tupac amid the East/West Coast rap wars. The former Compton Crip insists that the million-dollar reward was proposed by Diddy, who has consistently denied any involvement in Tupac’s shooting.

Prosecutors submitted the audio file to highlight Keefe D’s confessions about being a key figure in the murder. However, it is crucial to note that many sections of the tape contain unsubstantiated allegations against Diddy.

In the recording, Keefe D boasts about growing close to Diddy through mutual friend and gangster Eric “Zip” Martin. He details how Puffy discussed his disdain for Knight and allegedly expressed a desire to eliminate both Knight and Tupac. The gang kingpin claims the assassination order was given privately, and Diddy had multiple conversations with him about “killing both of them.”

Tupac was shot on the evening of September 7, 1996, while driving to a club with Knight. Despite Keefe D’s claims of his involvement, Diddy’s alleged connection to the murder remains unproven.

The gangster alleges that he never received payment for the shooting, raising questions about the authenticity of his claims. The submitted audio provides a chilling glimpse into Keefe D’s unremorseful demeanor as he discusses orchestrating the murder of the rap icon.

As the trial unfolds, the shocking revelations in the audio file may reshape the narrative surrounding Tupac Shakur’s tragic death, shedding light on alleged connections within the hip hop industry that have remained hidden for decades.

The post Explosive Audio Submitted as Evidence Alleges Diddy’s Involvement in Tupac Shakur’s Murder first appeared on The Source.

The post Explosive Audio Submitted as Evidence Alleges Diddy’s Involvement in Tupac Shakur’s Murder appeared first on The Source.


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