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Incarcerated R&B singer R. Kelly is pushing back against a significant judgment in a lawsuit where six women claimed they were victimized by him and his associate, Donnell Russell. The lawsuit, which awarded $10.5 million to the plaintiffs in August, centered around the alleged orchestration of a bomb threat to shut down a private screening of the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docuseries in December 2018.

According to recent reports by TMZ, R. Kelly contends that he was not aware of the lawsuit and, therefore, should not be held accountable for the judgment. New legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal Kelly’s defense, asserting that he would have defended himself if he had known about the proceedings.


The singer claims that he is grappling with numerous criminal cases and prosecutions, along with a barrage of recent lawsuits, making it difficult for him to keep track of legal matters from his prison cell in North Carolina. Kelly further argues that he has changed legal teams since being incarcerated, suggesting that this particular lawsuit might have been overlooked or not delivered to him behind bars.

Kelly states that he cannot read or understand documents beyond a grade school level. He asserts that he relies on his lawyers to interpret legal matters for him. This claim raises questions about his capacity to comprehend and respond to legal proceedings effectively.

Moreover, Kelly challenges the assertion that Donnell Russell, his former manager, played a role in attempting to stop the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ screening with a mass shooting threat. Kelly denies asking Russell to take such action and claims ignorance about Russell’s alleged efforts.

Kelly’s defense suggests that if Russell did make a mass shooting threat, it was done for Russell’s personal reasons and not at the singer’s behest. This raises questions about the dynamics of Kelly’s relationship with Russell and the extent of his involvement in the events surrounding the lawsuit.

While the $10.5 million judgment hangs in the balance, R. Kelly is making it clear that he does not believe he is responsible for the alleged actions leading to the lawsuit.


The post R. Kelly Challenges $10.5 Million Judgment in ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Bomb Threat Lawsuit first appeared on The Source.

The post R. Kelly Challenges $10.5 Million Judgment in ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Bomb Threat Lawsuit appeared first on The Source.


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