Black Men’s Mental Health Matters - Black Men's Mental Health Conference Makes A Stop In Houston

“Being a black man in America means being my brother’s keeper. Being a black man in America means being my brother’s keeper while keeping a distance from my brother because I don’t trust him further than I can see him. It’s believing the cops don’t care about you. It’s learning how not to doubt yourself because when you’re born everyone else already does.”
—Poet Prentice Powell,

 There is a long way to go in addressing the mental health issues that perpetually plague Black men. While Black Americans experience similar rates of mental illness as other Americans in general, there are contextual differences, especially when it pertains to Black men. And, Black men are not receiving the help they need for these problems. For example, only 26.4% of Black and Hispanic men ages 18 to 44 who experienced daily feelings of anxiety or depression were likely to have used mental health services, compared with 45.4% of non-Hispanic White men with the same feelings. The Black Men’s Mental Health Conference was Sold Out in Houston as part of a national tour presented by justUs, MH Foundation.

A recent tour stop in Houston included The Council on Recovery, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, Houston Texas, Health and Human Services, The Alice Collective, The African American Male Wellness, Rverzealous Mindset LLC, and The State of Texas Aids Awareness Commission. The Office of CommissionerRodney Ellis honored and presented Camillia Harris,  justUs, MH Foundation, and the Black Men’s Mental Health Conference with a resolution. Houston City Council Member Edward Pollard presented Camillia Harris, justUs, MH Foundation, and the Black Men’s Mental Health Conference with a certificate of recognition due to her hard work in the mental health space. The Keynote Speaker of the event provided dynamic poetry with life stories of how he overcame depression, anger, and the struggles faced by Black and Latino men.

As a survivor, Camillia Harris could no longer stand by and not help the voiceless or those in need and took action. The Black Men’s Mental Health Conference is a multi-city tour bringing awareness and education to mental health care for black men. On this tour, they will share stories, provide access to resources, and equip communities with the necessary tools to create systems of support to ensure that Black men have the best access to mental healthcare. The tour featured events aimed at better understanding the social determinants of mental health and the specific psychological issues facing Black men through panel discussions, mental health experts, resources, and more. This tour empowers and inspires attendees to prioritize their mental well-being and take steps to heal and improve their overall mental health.  

justUs, MH Foundation invites you to join them on their journey to celebrate and curate this important conversation around mental health in Black communities, travel city to city, and work together to galvanize collective action to ensure a healthier future for generations of Black men. Camillia Harris is a mental health advocate, dedicated to providing resources and support to those struggling with mental health issues. In 2019, Camillia lost her father to a murder-suicide and, since then, has devoted her life to helping others in similar situations. Her mission is to save not one but many, fathers, brothers, sons, etc. She wants to provide a window that dispels and eradicates suicide. She wants to build on mental health resources and help reach those in mental turmoil. Harris’s goal is to assist the world by providing a safe space for healthy minds. She believes in the power of storytelling and has used her own experiences to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. Camillia will work to ensure individuals receive quality mental health care and to break down the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Follow The Black Men’s Mental Health Conference at @BMMHC1 on IG, and to learn more about the next stop of the tour log onto

The post Black Men’s Mental Health Matters – Black Men’s Mental Health Conference Makes A Stop In Houston first appeared on The Source.

The post Black Men’s Mental Health Matters – Black Men’s Mental Health Conference Makes A Stop In Houston appeared first on The Source.


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