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Comedian Kevin Hart initiated legal action against gossip vlogger Tasha K, alleging extortion attempts following an unflattering interview with his former personal assistant. Despite Hart’s requests, Tasha K has not removed the video, leading Hart to seek further legal recourse.

According to Radar Online, Hart has requested a temporary restraining order to compel Tasha K to remove the video of her interview with his ex-assistant Miesha Shakes. Hart claims the interview contains defamatory statements that threaten his reputation and career.

Court documents reveal that Hart filed a declaration as part of his lawsuit against both Tasha K and Miesha Shakes. He alleges that the interview, posted on Tasha K’s YouTube channel, features numerous false claims by his former assistant. Hart recounts that before the video was uploaded, an associate of Tasha K proposed to withhold the video for a $250,000 payment, an offer Hart declined and responded to by contacting the police.

Despite receiving a cease and desist letter from Hart’s lawyer, Tasha K proceeded to publish the interview. In response, Hart filed a lawsuit accusing her of civil extortion and defamation. The lawsuit states, “[Tasha] has an established history of posting defamatory and otherwise improper content regarding celebrities.”

In his declaration, Hart emphasizes the impact of these allegations on his career, particularly given his involvement in family-oriented projects like the ‘Jumanji’ franchise, ‘Fatherhood,’ ‘Captain Underpants,’ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets.’ He also mentions his role as a spokesperson for various national brands, which depend on the public perception of his reputation, respectability, and character.

Hart disclosed that Miesha Shakes was employed by him from August 2017 to October 2020. As part of her exit agreement, he agreed to provide her with $30,000 per year and health insurance for three years. Hart asserts that, in addition to discussing private matters in breach of their non-disclosure agreement, Shakes made blatantly false statements in the interview, including an accusation that he secretly recorded a sexual encounter and faced criminal charges related to the incident. Hart denies these claims, stating he never made such a recording nor faced any criminal charges in connection with the alleged incident.

As of now, a judge has not yet decided on Hart’s motion for a temporary restraining order.


The post Kevin Hart Seeks Restraining Order Against Blogger Tasha K first appeared on The Source.

The post Kevin Hart Seeks Restraining Order Against Blogger Tasha K appeared first on The Source.


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