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Beverly Johnson, a trailblazing figure in the fashion industry, recently recounted a shocking incident of racism she experienced at the height of her modeling career. Johnson, who made history as the first Black model to grace the cover of Vogue, recently shared an instance when a hotel drained its swimming pool after she went for a swim, solely due to the color of her skin.

The revelation came to light during a gathering at Eileen Ford’s 90th birthday party, an event attended by numerous models and affluent individuals. “All the models were there, and the very rich people, and one girl said to me, ‘Remember when they drained the pool? When you got in the pool at the so-and-so hotel?’” Johnson recounted. Surprised, Johnson responded, “They did?” indicating she was unaware of the incident at the time it occurred.

Johnson, who is currently starring in a new one-woman show titled “Beverly Johnson In Vogue,” chose not to disclose the name of the hotel where this incident took place, citing legal concerns. However, she emphasized that this event showcased the racial challenges she faced in the 1980s. Despite these challenges, Johnson’s career flourished, significantly marked by her iconic Vogue cover in 1974, a milestone that is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In her book, “The Face That Changed It All: A Memoir,” Johnson elaborates on similar experiences, stating, “So you get a lot of that. People draining pools, it was racist.” She also reflected on the various forms of discrimination she encountered as a Black model navigating the fashion industry.


The post Beverly Johnson Reflects on Racism During Her Modeling Career first appeared on The Source.

The post Beverly Johnson Reflects on Racism During Her Modeling Career appeared first on The Source.


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