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Shaunie Henderson, known for her association with “Basketball Wives LA” (BBWLA), has become the center of a sensational controversy following explosive accusations made by rapper Luce Cannon. The claims, which have sent shockwaves through social media and BBWLA fans, were made during Cannon’s appearance on the podcast “No Jumper.”

In the interview, Luce Cannon made startling allegations about his relationship with Shaunie Henderson, suggesting she played the role of a ‘sugar momma’ in his life. “She was like a sugar momma to me…on crib. So at the end of the day…” he stated, implying a financial aspect to their relationship.

The accusations escalated when Cannon claimed an intimate encounter with Henderson just weeks before her marriage to a pastor. “She’s going to be mad as **** when she sees this. But at the end of the day, Shaunie O’Neal, she knows what’s up. I ******* her two weeks before she got married to the pastor. She was, she told me she was like, ‘I need some good **** before I go down the aisle. I said, ‘I got you,’” he alleged.

Furthermore, Cannon added another layer to his claims by suggesting financial transactions between them. According to his statement, Shaunie supposedly offered him $10,000, to which he responded, “That’s not enough.” He then alleged that he ultimately received $50,000 from her.

The allegations have sparked a mixture of shock, disbelief, and confusion among fans and followers of Shaunie Henderson.

As of now, Shaunie has not publicly responded to these allegations, leaving the public to speculate about Cannon’s claims.

Watch the video below.

The post [WATCH] Rapper Luce Cannon’s Allegations Against Shaunie Henderson Stir Controversy first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Rapper Luce Cannon’s Allegations Against Shaunie Henderson Stir Controversy appeared first on The Source.


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