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Rapper and business mogul 50 Cent is steadfast in his efforts to collect a 5-figure judgment from reality TV star Teairra Mari following a dismissed lawsuit she filed against him. The legal saga, which has persisted for years, shows no signs of disappearing, with 50 Cent recently escalating his collection efforts.

According to court documents obtained by, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has filed a Writ of Execution against Mari in Sacramento County, California. This legal move was made earlier this month and is aimed at enforcing the judgment, which continues to accrue daily interest. The current amount owed by Mari has ballooned to $50,476. This includes the initial award of $30,000 in legal fees, an additional $5,000 in sanctions and other fees, and $14,000 in accumulated interest due to non-payment.

The Writ of Execution is a significant step, authorizing the Sheriff’s Department to take actions to enforce the judgment. This could involve seizing assets or other means of collecting the debt. 50 Cent’s decision to target Sacramento County suggests he believes Mari may have assets in Northern California despite her last known address being in Atlanta, Georgia.

The background of this legal dispute stems from a lawsuit Teairra Mari filed against 50 Cent, which was ultimately dismissed. Since then, 50 Cent has been actively pursuing the collection of the judgment. He has previously accused Mari of not cooperating with efforts to ascertain her financial status, including failing to turn over bank records or provide details about her income.

At one point, 50 Cent even employed a private investigator to locate Mari and assess her financial situation. Mari, known for her role in “Love & Hip Hop,” has reportedly claimed in court that she has “virtually no assets and virtually no sources of income,” stating she hasn’t had steady employment since late 2019.

Mari has admitted to earning minimal income through sponsored posts on Instagram and starting a skincare business, which has yet to be profitable. Despite expressing willingness to agree to a payment plan, she has not proposed any specific plan to settle the debt.

The outcome of this ongoing saga remains to be seen, but one thing seems certain: 50 Cent is not letting up.


The post 50 Cent Continues Legal Battle to Collect Debt from Teairra Mari first appeared on The Source.

The post 50 Cent Continues Legal Battle to Collect Debt from Teairra Mari appeared first on The Source.


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