Kris Jenner to Appear in OREO's Big Game 'Twist On It' Commercial

The iconic OREO cookie is making a grand return to the spotlight with a brand-new campaign to captivate audiences during the Big Game. In a highly anticipated 30-second spot titled “Twist on It,” OREO showcases the playful and decision-making aspect of its cookie-eating experience.

During the second quarter of the Big Game, the ad takes viewers on a journey through history, portraying pivotal moments influenced by the twist of an OREO cookie. From the Trojan Horse entering Troy to encounters with aliens, the commercial humorously demonstrates how the twist of an OREO has played a crucial role in some of the world’s most famous decisions.

“I am so excited that the OREO brand is returning to the Big Game in a big way with a campaign that cements the brand’s cultural relevance and playful identity,” said Michelle Deignan, Vice President, OREO, US. “This year, in our quest to fight the seriousness of adulthood, we’re encouraging fans to put a lighthearted twist on the overanalyzed and overcomplicated act of making a decision.”

Kris Jenner, the renowned family matriarch and longtime OREO fan, makes a cameo appearance in a flashback to the mid-2000s. The clip humorously reveals how Kris let an OREO cookie decide whether to invite the world to “keep up with” her family, turning a major decision into a playful twist.

“I’ve been lucky to see how OREO cookies playfully bring people together, especially with my kids when they were growing up, and now my grandkids,” said Jenner. “It was fun to shoot this campaign and imagine how OREO cookies played a major role in one of the most influential decisions that I’ve made – wouldn’t it be fun if the twist of an OREO led to our family going on air. Maybe it did!”

Created by The Martin Agency and directed by Emmy award winner Dave Laden, the campaign highlights OREO’s enduring cultural relevance. It engages with fans through its unique approach to decision-making. The brand, celebrating 110 years, reinforces its status as the cookie to keep up with in this entertaining and delightful Big Game spot.

The post Kris Jenner to Appear in OREO’s Big Game ‘Twist On It’ Commercial first appeared on The Source.

The post Kris Jenner to Appear in OREO’s Big Game ‘Twist On It’ Commercial appeared first on The Source.


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