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On this day in 1975, Andre Antwon Patton, best known as Big Boi, one-half of the legendary ATL duo Outkast, was born. Patton has morphed into one of this generation’s biggest rappers/actors.

With four Outkast albums and four solo full-length releases of his own, Big Boi is recognized as one of the driving forces that helped spotlight A-Town as a Hip Hop powerhouse city. His acting career rivals that of any of ATL’s pioneers except his partner Andre 3000, with appearances in the movies ATL, Idlewild, and Who’s Your Caddy as well as appearances on the sitcoms such as King Of The Hill.

Happy born day to Sir Lucius! I wish him many more from The Mind Squad!

The post Happy 49th Birthday To Outkast’s Big Boi! first appeared on The Source.

The post Happy 49th Birthday To Outkast’s Big Boi! appeared first on The Source.


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