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Last month, the music industry was rocked by startling allegations as pop star Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, filed for a restraining order against her own son, Raman Dlamini. The accusations, which included claims of both mental and physical abuse directed towards Sawyer and her daughter Doja, shed light on the dark underbelly of familial relationships often hidden behind the glitz and glamour of fame.

The granting of a five-year restraining order, as reported by The Blast, marks a pivotal moment in this ongoing saga. Despite being served with notice, Dlamini chose not to appear in court, leaving the judge to hear Sawyer’s testimony before making the decision to issue the restraining order. This legal action, which is set to expire in January 2029, underscores the severity of the allegations and the court’s acknowledgment of the need for protection.

In her petition, Sawyer laid bare the harrowing experiences she endured at the hands of her son. She detailed instances of physical violence, recounting how Dlamini had “choked me and threatened to hit me several times.” But the abuse didn’t stop there; Sawyer also spoke of the emotional toll, describing how her son consistently berated her with hurtful and offensive comments. These tactics, she claimed, were used to manipulate her into providing financial support beyond reason, further exacerbating the strain on her well-being and ability to fulfill her responsibilities.

The impact of Dlamini’s behavior extended beyond Sawyer herself, affecting the family dynamic and the upbringing of Sawyer’s grandson. Sawyer lamented the compromised peace within her household, expressing concern over the negative influence of Dlamini’s erratic behavior on her grandson. She revealed that there were times when her grandson didn’t want Dlamini to visit, highlighting the toxic environment created by his presence.

One particularly disturbing incident, dated November 11, 2023, was recounted by Sawyer in her petition. She described how Dlamini verbally attacked her in front of her grandson, using derogatory language and demeaning insults. The emotional trauma inflicted by such outbursts undoubtedly left a lasting scar on Sawyer and those witnessing the altercation.


The post Doja Cat’s Mother Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Her Son first appeared on The Source.

The post Doja Cat’s Mother Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Her Son appeared first on The Source.


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