Biden Pardons All Federal Offenses of Simple Marijuana Possession in First Major Steps Toward Decriminalization

Following the Super Tuesday election results, President Biden issued a statement emphasizing the critical choice facing the American people. He framed the decision as one between progress and regression, urging citizens to consider the stark contrast between moving forward or reverting to the chaos and division of the past administration.

Biden highlighted the significant advancements made during his tenure, including job creation, wage growth, and victories against powerful interests like Big Pharma and the gun lobby. However, he cautioned that these achievements could be jeopardized if Donald Trump were to return to the White House. Biden warned that the former president’s agenda threatens to undermine democracy, restrict personal freedoms, and further enrich the wealthy.

The President appealed to voters of all backgrounds, urging them to stand united against Trump’s divisive tactics and extreme policies. He called upon Americans to defend democracy, protect civil rights, and safeguard the right to vote.

You can read the full statement below:

“Tonight’s results leave the American people with a clear choice: Are we going to keep moving forward or will we allow Donald Trump to drag us backwards into the chaos, division, and darkness that defined his term in office?

Four years ago, I ran because of the existential threat Donald Trump posed to the America we all believe in. Since then, we’ve made enormous progress: 15 million jobs, wages rising faster than inflation, taking on Big Pharma and the gun lobby — and winning. But we have more to do.

If Donald Trump returns to the White House, all of this progress is at risk. He is driven by grievance and grift, focused on his own revenge and retribution, not the American people. He is determined to destroy our democracy, rip away fundamental freedoms like the ability for women to make their own health care decisions, and pass another round of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy — and he’ll do or say anything to put himself in power.

Today, millions of voters across the country made their voices heard — showing that they are ready to fight back against Donald Trump’s extreme plan to take us backwards.

My message to the country is this: Every generation of Americans will face a moment when it has to defend democracy. Stand up for our personal freedom. Stand up for the right to vote and our civil rights. To every Democrat, Republican, and independent who believes in a free and fair America: This is our moment. This is our fight. Together, we will win.”

The post President Biden Calls for Unity Against Trump White House Return in Post-Super Tuesday Statement first appeared on The Source.

The post President Biden Calls for Unity Against Trump White House Return in Post-Super Tuesday Statement appeared first on The Source.


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