Fans of the iconic rap group Hot Boys have been eagerly awaiting news of a reunion, and it seems like their wishes might soon become a reality. Juvenile, one of the founding members of the group, recently provided an update on the highly anticipated reunion during a recent interview.

While Juvenile didn’t reveal too many specifics, he did confirm to TMZ that a Hot Boys reunion is definitely in the works, as long as everything goes according to plan. “No negativity from me, man,” Juvenile said. “You know, with me, I’m always like, ‘It’s gon’ happen.’ It’s gonna happen. We gotta let them simmer down a little bit. But trust me though, it’s happening.”

Juvenile’s comment about letting things “simmer down” likely refers to recent tensions between Lil Wayne and B.G. In B.G.’s track “Gangstafied” featuring Finesse2tymes, he referred to Lil Wayne as a “b*tch.” However, B.G. later clarified in an Instagram Live session that he still has love for Lil Wayne and that it was all in the heat of the moment.

Lil Wayne, for his part, seems to have moved past the diss. In a recent appearance on YG’s 4HUNNID podcast, Lil Wayne discussed the potential Hot Boys reunion and revealed that logistical issues are the only thing holding them back at this point.

“We’ve spoken about it a few times but, you know, they have situations. Like B.G. just coming home so he gotta figure out: can he tour? Can he travel? And things like that,” Lil Wayne explained. “Juvie ready and Turk ready, but really we gotta see if Geezy can move around.”

With all members expressing their willingness to reunite, fans can remain hopeful that a Hot Boys reunion is on the horizon. As Juvenile aptly put it, “Trust me though, it’s happening.”

Watch below.

The post Juvenile Teases Hot Boys Reunion: Lil Wayne & B.G. Need to “Simmer Down” first appeared on The Source.

The post Juvenile Teases Hot Boys Reunion: Lil Wayne & B.G. Need to “Simmer Down” appeared first on The Source.


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