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The ongoing divorce proceedings between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert have taken a contentious turn. Taylor accuses Shumpert of disconnecting essential utilities at their marital home after he moved out.

Court documents obtained by reveal that Taylor’s attorney filed a motion for contempt, claiming that Shumpert had deliberately shut off the cable, Wi-Fi, and water supply at their residence. The motion alleges that these actions were taken without regard for the well-being of their minor children.

Taylor’s attorney expressed concern over Shumpert’s apparent reluctance to resolve the divorce amicably, accusing him of prolonging the legal process through trial instead of seeking a peaceful resolution.

In response, Shumpert denied Taylor’s accusations, stating that he had agreed to transfer the utility bills into her name in January 2024. He vehemently rejected instructing or requesting the disconnection of any utilities, asserting that all accounts were current and paid in full as of the filing date of his response.

Despite Taylor’s emergency motion, a judge denied her request, leaving the matter unresolved as the legal battle continues.

The conflicting accounts presented by Taylor and Shumpert highlight the complexities and challenges inherent in divorce proceedings, mainly when children are involved.


The post Iman Shumpert Denies Shutting Off Teyana Taylor’s House Utilities first appeared on The Source.

The post Iman Shumpert Denies Shutting Off Teyana Taylor’s House Utilities appeared first on The Source.


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