Tyrese Reveals Psych Meds Are Behind Public Meltdown

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson has found himself embroiled in controversy as he battles against the $10,000-a-month child support payments awarded to his youngest child with his second wife, Samantha Lee. Despite being ordered to pay the full monthly amount, Tyrese has been sending less than half, sparking outrage and accusations of neglecting his parental responsibilities.

Recent reports from Radar Online shed light on the ongoing child support war between Tyrese and Samantha Lee, with Samantha claiming that Tyrese failed to pay the required amount in December 2023 and January 2024. The couple shares a 4-year-old daughter named Soraya, whose financial support has become a point of contention between the exes.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com reveal Tyrese’s attempt to defend his actions and dismiss Samantha’s efforts to hold him in contempt for non-payment. Tyrese admitted to not paying the full amount but insisted that his actions were not driven by malice. He cited a drastic drop in income since the child support order was issued as justification for his inability to meet the financial obligations.

However, what further fueled the controversy were Tyrese’s recent luxury vacations, which he defended as low-cost endeavors. In December, Tyrese shared photos on social media of himself celebrating his 45th birthday with his girlfriend, Zelie, in Dubai. He also posted images from a trip to Egypt around the same time.

In response to Samantha’s allegations, Tyrese’s lawyers argued that his holiday trips were not extravagant expenditures. They claimed that Tyrese had used frequent flyer miles to cover the cost of flights and stayed with a friend during his time abroad, minimizing the financial impact of the vacations.

Despite Tyrese’s attempts to justify his actions, a judge has yet to rule on the matter, leaving the child support dispute unresolved. The situation has reignited discussions about parental obligations, financial accountability, and the challenges of co-parenting in the spotlight.


The post Tyrese Gibson Faces Backlash Over Child Support Payments Amid Luxury Vacations first appeared on The Source.

The post Tyrese Gibson Faces Backlash Over Child Support Payments Amid Luxury Vacations appeared first on The Source.


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