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On this week’s episode of SiriusXM’s “This Life of Mine with James Corden,”James speaks with Dr. Dre.

During the interview, the recent Hollywood spoke about working with Snoop Dogg on his new, upcoming album, his health challenges, having to be an adult at a very young age and also some of his favorite hits that he’s produced in his illustrious music career. He also delved into working with undoubtedly one of the best emcees of all time, Eminem.

 Dr. Dre on working with Eminem and how he’s the best MC. “I think he’s the best MC ever. Point blank, period. Of course, there are going to be arguments about that because he’s a white guy. I don’t think anyone that’s rapping can touch Eminem on that microphone.”

Check out a clip from the interview where Dre speaks about Em HERE

When Corden asked about his first time encountering Mathers, Dre responded, “I was just starting this new thing. I was just starting this new thing, this new campaign with Aftermath Records and I was working on my second solo album at the time and it was just okay. I was at Jimmy Iovine’s house. I used to go to Jimmy Iovine’s house every Sunday and he would play movies and before the movie, we would go down to his garage which he turned into a listening room and he would just play demos, play demos and he just said one day, “What do you think about this?” You know and he played this artist which was Eminem and I had no idea he was a white guy at the time. He played it and I’m like, “Yeah, give me that. Give me that.” I took it home with me and I could stop playing this shit. Couldn’t stop playing it and Jimmy called me the next day and he’s like, “You know it’s white guy, right?” I got to do my Jimmy impression. “You know it’s white guy, right?” I’m like, “Oh, okay,” so long story short, I met Eminem at Jimmy Iovine’s office. We slapped hands, went to the studio and started recording and I’m not sure if anybody knows this, but I think the first four albums was just me and him and his writing and his delivery and his imagination is off the charts and I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.”

The post [WATCH] Dr. Dre Appears On SiriusXM’s “This Life Of Mine With James Corden” first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Dr. Dre Appears On SiriusXM’s “This Life Of Mine With James Corden” appeared first on The Source.


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