Quavo Releases New Song and Video 'WITHOUT YOU' Dedicated to Takeoff

In the wake of tragedy, Migos rapper Quavo is stepping up to address the issue of gun violence with the launch of a new charity aimed at making a difference in his community. The initiative comes two years after the devastating loss of his fellow Migos member, Takeoff, who was shot and killed during a dice game in Houston.

The incident, which occurred at a gathering hosted by Rap-A-Lot Records CEO Jas Prince, shook the music industry and left Quavo and his fans mourning the loss of a talented artist and friend. Now, Quavo is turning his grief into action by launching the SPARK Grants program through his foundation, The Rocket Foundation, with the goal of reducing gun violence in Atlanta.

According to a report by People magazine, Quavo, 32, is committing $100,000 to the gun prevention program, which will focus on fostering community resilience and supporting organizations working to combat violence in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The SPARK Grants program will distribute $10,000 grants to ten non-profit organizations dedicated to violence reduction efforts.

In a press release announcing the initiative, Quavo expressed his commitment to creating positive change and making Atlanta a safer place for its residents. By partnering with local organizations, The Rocket Foundation aims to collaborate on initiatives that will have a tangible impact on the community and help prevent future tragedies.

The launch of the SPARK Grants program reflects Quavo’s dedication to using his platform for good and addressing pressing social issues. As a prominent figure in the music industry, he recognizes the importance of leveraging his influence to advocate for meaningful change and support initiatives that promote peace and safety.

While the loss of Takeoff continues to weigh heavily on Quavo and the Migos community, the launch of this gun violence prevention charity serves as a powerful testament to their commitment to honoring his memory and preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

As Quavo and The Rocket Foundation embark on this important endeavor, they hope to inspire others to join the fight against gun violence and work towards creating safer communities for all.

The post Quavo Takes a Stand: Migos Rapper Launches Gun Violence Prevention Charity first appeared on The Source.

The post Quavo Takes a Stand: Migos Rapper Launches Gun Violence Prevention Charity appeared first on The Source.


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