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By: Sara Smith 

eSports is a growing sector of the broader entertainment industry. It involves playing a range of competitive video games online in professional tournaments. Popular games for competitive esports include first-person shooter titles such as the Call of Duty series of games and the ever-popular Counterstrike. In addition, some sports games, most notably the EA soccer franchise EA FC 24, now regularly have high-profile tournaments where large cash prizes can be won for the best pro players.

Canada has steadily gained a reputation for encouraging the growth of eSports and now has a thriving industry in this sector. This article will focus on the Rise of eSports in Canada, how streaming platforms have helped the industry’s success, and how other online gaming options are available in the country.

Canada is now a recognized country for esports

The beginnings of eSports in Canada can be traced back to early video games played locally with friends. Canada has a large population of dedicated gamers, and it is estimated that around 61% of the population plays games regularly. In the last decade, gaming has moved from being a pursuit that is played with friends in the home to one where internet connections allow gamers to play online against other friends and the wider global gaming communities. 

Canada has wholeheartedly embraced eSports and now has several professional teams that compete across a range of competitive video games. Teams such as Toronto Defiant and Vancouver Titans represent Canada in games such as Overwatch. Vancouver Titans are run by Luminosity Gaming, which has steadily become one of the larger eSports organizations in Canada. In short, across many different gaming platforms, Canadian eSports teams compete internationally, and the country continues to build a reputation for having some of the world’s top players across a range of gaming titles.

Other online gaming options

While Canada is gaining a reputation for being a top competitor nation across a range of eSports gaming titles, it is also important to note that their population also enjoys other forms of competitive online gaming. Canadian gamers can play at online casinos by searching for Ontario online casino or using similar search terms. They will then enjoy competitive online card games such as poker and baccarat with other games in a well-regulated online gaming environment with secure payment facilities. 

Gamers who seek to solely test their luck may choose slot machine games such as Thunderstruck II and Artic Enchantress, which provide thrills and excitement without needing to strategize. At such sites, players may also be able to compete in various card game competitions and tournaments. While not strictly being an eSport, online tournaments at such sites offer competitive gaming action for players who have skill and strategy at the card table.

Streaming platforms for eSports

Briefly, it is important to recognize the role of streaming platforms in eSports. Many Canadian gamers will routinely watch professional tournaments on sites such as Twitch and YouTube. They can watch the action in real-time or see recorded highlights of some of the top competitions. The ease of access to these sites and the increasing quality of the tournament broadcasts have helped increase eSports’s prominence in Canada. Today, millions of Canadians use such streaming platforms to watch the top esports competitions live.

The post The Rise of eSports in Canada first appeared on The Source.

The post The Rise of eSports in Canada appeared first on The Source.


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