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Today, multi-Platinum-selling rapper Kodak Black unleashes “Non Believer,” a spiritual new song that marks one of his most deeply personal to date. Coated in piercing reflection and existential exploration, the new single is as vulnerable as it is mesmerizing. Listen to “Non Believer” HERE out now via Vulture Love / Capitol Records

Coasting bursts of insistent percussion and supple guitar strings that let his words breathe, Kodak Black dives into themes of morality. The Pooh Beatz, EJ Beats, and Juji produced record sifts through tragic outcomes and evolving morality with disarming honesty. “Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I try to make it right,” he raps, his raw admission spilling out with unguarded sincerity. Earnest, melodic and unflinchingly transparent, it’s quintessential Kodak. It’s also a sign of a young creator growing as a rapper while turning his mistakes into the most compelling art in the world of music. 

“Non Believer” follows the release of “Shampoo,” a confident burst of street rap that typifies the style that made him a superstar. On “Shampoo” he effortlessly shifts his cadence as he victoriously and confidently assures, “I got the sauce—like a condiment. Of course, “Shampoo” was preceded by When I Was Dead, an engrossing album that sees Kodak lay bare his nightmares and blood-stained aspirations. Powered by lead single, “Lemme See,” the LP only reaffirmed Kodak’s status as one of the most powerful artists of his generation.

The post Kodak Black Drops New Spriritual Single “Non Believer” first appeared on The Source.

The post Kodak Black Drops New Spriritual Single “Non Believer” appeared first on The Source.


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