President Biden Joins Forces with Presidents Clinton and Obama for Record-Breaking Fundraising Event

Thursday night witnessed a historic moment in American politics as President Biden united with former Presidents Clinton and Obama at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for “An Evening with President Biden and Presidents Obama and Clinton.” The event was hailed as the most successful political fundraising event in U.S. history, raising a staggering $26+ million.

More than 5,000 supporters filled the iconic theater for the sold-out occasion. Moderated by Stephen Colbert, the three presidents engaged in a discussion about the critical issues facing the nation in 2024.

President Clinton commended President Biden’s effectiveness in contrast to Donald Trump’s obstructionism, while President Obama highlighted the administration’s legislative successes, including healthcare reforms. President Biden also extended an invitation for a golf game to his predecessor, Donald Trump, provided Trump carries his own bag.

With a robust fundraising operation fueled by grassroots support, the event showcased the strength of a united coalition ready to support President Biden’s reelection bid. Notably, the funds raised at the event surpassed the entire February haul of the Trump campaign, underscoring Team Biden-Harris’s financial advantage as the 2024 election approaches.

During the event, President Obama spoke on President Biden’s record:

“Well, I think it’s worth adding — it’s not just the negative case against the presumptive nominee on the other side. It’s the positive case for somebody who’s done an outstanding job as president. Sometimes we forget where we started and where we are now. You’ve got record breaking job growth. You’ve got an unemployment rate that is as low as it has been — for African Americans, by the way, the lowest on record — ever. You’ve got extraordinary progress building off the work we did. First, Bill Clinton passing the Children’s Health Insurance Act, we passed the Affordable Care Act, Joe Biden takes the baton — he’s now expanded coverage. Made sure that seniors are seeing big discounts in their prescription drugs, capping insulin drug prices. Capping the price of insulin at 35 bucks when it used to cost them up to $400. You know, helping young people go to college. The record-setting investment in clean energy that’s going to transition us to the kind of future that our children and grandchildren deserve.”

President Clinton spoke on President Biden’s bipartisan record and Donald Trump killing the border deal:

“This is the big reason you should win. And that is that everything you said is true. But it only works if we all live under the same set of rules, if we all have an equal set of chances to make it, and we treat each other with respect. If we find our differences and we have our arguments…

That’s what’s at the heart of this. Joe Biden has bent over backwards to reach out to members of the other party to negotiate in good faith and to solve problems – including on the border. In the case of the border, his apparent opponent basically said, hey, to his own party, you can’t do that. Get off that bill. We need a problem not a solution at the border.”

President Clinton continued, on MAGA Republicans: “They’re good at branding and blaming, and we don’t like their solutions so much. He (President Biden) is good at finding solutions people are actually glad to embrace.”  

The post President Biden Joins Forces with Presidents Clinton and Obama for Record-Breaking Fundraising Event first appeared on The Source.

The post President Biden Joins Forces with Presidents Clinton and Obama for Record-Breaking Fundraising Event appeared first on The Source.


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