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Comedian Faizon Love recently stirred controversy with his remarks questioning the merit of Taraji P. Henson’s demand for an $80 million payday in Hollywood. Love’s comments came during a conversation with VladTV, where they discussed Henson’s dissatisfaction with pay discrepancies in the film industry.

The discussion was sparked by Henson’s interview during the press tour for ‘The Color Purple,’ where she openly expressed her frustration over the unequal payment and recognition she receives compared to her white counterparts in Hollywood. However, Love seemed skeptical about Henson’s demand, asking, “What Taraji P. Henson movie have you seen where she deserves $80M?”

During the conversation with Vlad, Love expressed his discomfort with certain depictions in Henson’s film, suggesting that the quality of her work might not justify such a hefty paycheck. Vlad, on the other hand, speculated that the controversy surrounding ‘The Color Purple’ might have overshadowed Henson’s comments on pay inequality.

As the discussion progressed, Vlad proposed that after decades in the industry, Henson should consider transitioning into producing or creating her own films to have more control over her career and earnings. This suggestion opened up a broader conversation about the complexities of success in Hollywood, especially concerning overseas markets and different genres of films.

Love challenged the notion that action films are inherently more successful internationally, citing examples of his own comedic films that have performed well overseas. This led to a deeper exploration of the global appeal of various genres and the potential for actors like Henson to leverage their talents in different ways to achieve financial and creative success.

The conversation between Love and Vlad highlights the ongoing debate surrounding pay equity and recognition for actors of color in Hollywood.


The post [WATCH] Faizon Love Questions Taraji P. Henson’s $80M Demand Amidst Pay Controversy first appeared on The Source.

The post [WATCH] Faizon Love Questions Taraji P. Henson’s $80M Demand Amidst Pay Controversy appeared first on The Source.


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