Former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, made headlines on Friday as he arrived in court for a crucial day in his alimony battle. Representing himself, Hunter argued that Wendy’s court-appointed guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, was draining her finances and withholding crucial financial documents. Hunter accuses Morrissey of refusing to turn over the bank statements so he can be paid his percentage from the “Where is Wendy Williams” Lifetime documentary contract…

During the tense hearing, Hunter alleged that Morrissey, Wendy’s guardian, was depleting the host’s finances, leading to a heated exchange between the parties involved. Hunter cited concerns about financial mismanagement and accused Morrissey of being involved in a racketeering scheme, referring to a case where she was named as a defendant.

Hunter emphasized the urgency of the matter, expressing frustration over the lack of access to Wendy’s financial records. He claimed that Wendy had earned nearly half a million dollars from her involvement in the Lifetime docuseries “Where is Wendy Williams?” but argued that Morrissey was withholding vital information.

In response, Morrissey denied Hunter’s allegations and disagreed with his statements regarding Wendy’s earnings. The judge clarified that despite the allegations against Morrissey, the case did not qualify as an emergency.

Hunter expressed his concerns about the cessation of alimony payments and accused Morrissey of neglecting her duties as Wendy’s guardian. He highlighted the financial strain caused by the lack of access to funds and criticized Morrissey’s handling of the situation.

As the hearing concluded, Hunter appeared optimistic while Morrissey seemed visibly stressed, reflecting the intensity of the legal battle between Wendy Williams’ ex-husband and her court-appointed guardian.


The post Wendy Williams’ Ex Demands Cut from Lifetime Documentary first appeared on The Source.

The post Wendy Williams’ Ex Demands Cut from Lifetime Documentary appeared first on The Source.


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