Here’s What We Know About the Jurors Seated in Trump Historic Criminal Trial

During Donald Trump’s criminal trial, jurors were presented with vivid details of an alleged sexual encounter he tried to conceal before the 2016 presidential election. Stormy Daniels, the adult film star involved, testified, marking the first time she and Trump had faced each other in over a decade. Trump faces charges of falsifying business records to cover up hush money paid to Daniels by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, aimed at boosting his 2016 electoral chances. Despite objections from Trump’s legal team, Daniels’ testimony included explicit descriptions prompting objections and a failed mistrial attempt. Though Trump’s attorney attempted to challenge Daniels’ animosity, core aspects of the case remained largely unchallenged.

Here’s a breakdown of the four big takeaways from today’s courtroom action:

1. Stormy Daniels recounted in vivid detail her alleged encounter with Donald Trump nearly two decades ago, offering jurors a comprehensive and, at times, explicit narrative of her purported night with the former president.

2. Throughout Stormy Daniels’ testimony, Donald Trump frequently signaled to his attorney, Susan Necheles, urging her to object. When Daniels approached the moment of alleged intimacy, Trump motioned for Necheles to intervene, leading to a bench conference with Judge Juan Merchan, who sustained the objection. It marked one of Trump’s most active engagements in the proceedings.

3. Despite a motion for mistrial by Trump attorney Todd Blanche following Daniels’ direct examination, Judge Merchan denied it, citing the lack of objections during Daniels’ testimony. The defense argued that Daniels’ testimony was prejudicial, but the judge sided with the prosecution, emphasizing the importance of restoring her credibility.

4. During a contentious cross-examination by Trump’s attorney, Susan Necheles, Stormy Daniels faced intense questioning about her credibility and her feelings towards Trump. Necheles accused Daniels of fabricating her testimony, leading to a heated exchange where Daniels admitted her animosity towards Trump. Judge Merchan intervened multiple times as the questioning verged on a dispute, with Daniels even raising her voice in response to a tweet shown by Necheles.

The post Key Takeaways in Day 13 of Trump Criminal Trial With More Stormy Daniels Testimony first appeared on The Source.

The post Key Takeaways in Day 13 of Trump Criminal Trial With More Stormy Daniels Testimony appeared first on The Source.


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