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Enter the realm of luxury and allure with BlakeIANA’s latest single, “Pricey,” featuring MoneyBagg Yo. In this captivating fusion of music and visual storytelling, BlakeIANA sets the standard for opulence and exclusivity. From the seductive beats to the mesmerizing cinematography, “Pricey” offers a glimpse into a world where wealth and sophistication reign supreme. Join us as we delve into the themes, music, style, and cinematography that make “Pricey” a truly unforgettable experience.


BlakeIANA’s “Pricey” cleverly samples Kelis’ “Bossy,” infusing it with her seductive rap style that draws listeners into every verse. Hailing from St. Louis, BlakeIANA’s personal rap flair sets her apart from her contemporaries, creating a unique space in the music scene. MoneyBagg Yo’s seamless collaboration adds a perfect blend of energy, reinforcing the song’s theme of exclusivity and high-end living.


The style in “Pricey” is a testament to BlakeIANA’s impeccable taste and flair for luxury. From her mesmerizing brown patent leather bikini to her sparkling diamonds, each look exudes confidence and sophistication. Notably, she channels old-school Cadillac vibes, adding a touch of class and refinement to her style. MoneyBagg Yo mirrors this elegance with his own dazzling diamonds, perfectly complementing the opulent aesthetic of the video.


The cinematography in the “Pricey” music video elevates the visual narrative to new heights. Angelic angles showcase BlakeIANA’s curves and scenes, emphasizing her magnetic presence. Sprawling estate shots capture intricate details, highlighting the lavish surroundings and adding depth to the theme of opulence.


“Pricey” is more than just a song; it’s a visual and auditory journey into a world of extravagance and allure. BlakeIANA’s distinctive rap style and captivating presence, combined with MoneyBagg Yo’s seamless collaboration, create a cinematic experience that embodies luxury and exclusivity. The music video’s stunning cinematography, with angelic angles and sprawling estate shots, adds layers of sophistication, while BlakeIANA’s impeccable style further enhances the opulent aesthetic, making “Pricey” a must-watch spectacle.

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The post The Source Music Video Review: BlakeIANA Makes a Statement in Moneybagg Yo-Assisted “Pricey” first appeared on The Source.

The post The Source Music Video Review: BlakeIANA Makes a Statement in Moneybagg Yo-Assisted “Pricey” appeared first on The Source.


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